About our business

For over 15 years now, we have been closely involved in the coffee business and then one morning we had a Eureka moment!!

Ask anyone and they will say that their coffee is the best (sadly not true), show people how to do expert Latte Art and sadly they then don't keep their key staff for long enough.  But anyone can use a coffee stencil and it is 100000 times better than just shaking on any old chocolate powder - I mean what does that say about your business - I know - NOTHING!!!

So why not make every cappuccino into a branded coffee that is unique to you.  Easy to do, easy for anyone to do. (Have a look at our videos if you don't believe me).

If you are interested then you can start by getting one of our stock stencils that you can buy off this site.  Alternatively,

you can send your image to [email protected] and we'll do the rest.


 And who says that you can only use your stencils for Coffee....

....Use them for cocktails, cakes, on plates with piece of chocolate cake - actually why not the chocolate cake itself!!

(Photo courtesy of APR Communications).

Customers send  us their pictures of their coffees....
We thought we would include this coffee from Harbour Bar and Kitchen - Notice the detail that can be obtained if the foam is fine and the gap between stencil and milk is as small as possible.  

This particular coffee was from the Habour Bar and Kitchen