bespoke coffee cappuccino stencils

The process could not be simpler.

A. Process
  1. Place your order by clicking on the 'First stencil' image at the bottom of this page and Upload  your artwork via the website.  If you are unsure about your artwork send it to us at  We can advise if any major changes are needed.  Check out our stencil guide below for best artwork results. Send artwork as a JPEG, PDF, EPS, PSD or TIFF file.
  2. We 'stencilise' it, but we may adjust it slightly so that it holds together. 
  3. Let us know how many stencils you would like (MINIMUM 3 STENCILS), your cup diameter and delivery address.
  4. Stencils arrive in super quick time. (about 2 days to UK addresses).
  5. Please note that our product is the stencil, not the finished cappuccino.  Stencils do take some practice to use to get the best results.  But if you decide that you cannot use the stencil for any reason, we cannot refund bespoke orders.  Remember you can use stencil on lots of things including dinner plates, cakes, cookies, side dishes, cocktails etc.
B. Pricing (Volume discounts available)
  1. £12.95 + vat for the first one
  2. £4.95 + vat for subsequent ones of the same design.
  3. Postage and packing to UK address is charged dependent on weight.
For example if you wanted 5 stencils it would cost:
£12.95 + 4 x £4.95 = £32.75+vat  Postage and packaging on this order would be £2.95

In order to turn them into stencils we often have to adapt the artwork slightly so that it all holds together and does not fall to bits.  So to help us help you, check that the artwork you send us meets the following criteria:
 - Make the artwork as big as possible (e.g. 300dpi).  Small thumbnail graphics (72dpi or small logos off websites tend to be too small to work with.
 - Send artwork as a JPEG, PDF, EPS, PSD or TIFF file.
 - Currently we cannot turn photos in to stencils.
 - The best stencils are those that are simple, bold, not too detailed.  If your logo has lots of words in it, then think about having just the motif, or letters rather than the words.

For our guide on great artwork for great stencil CLICK HERE

Finally have a look below for some examples that we have already done for customers.

Send any artwork if you need advice to us at: