10 x Mince Pie and Cake Stencils
10 x Mince Pie and Cake Stencils
£ 7.95
10 Different designs in the set
These are a must for Christmas and beyond.  Very easy to use.

They are made out of much thinner material than our normal coffee stencils which means that they are much more flexible.  This allows them to bend around curved cup cakes or mince pies much more easily.

They also have a double tab handle because as we found in the office, when you try to lift them with just one handle you are likely to smudge the icing sugar or chocolate.  So we added another handle tab so you can lift from both sides together.

We were having so much fun making more and more apple and mince pies we are now about a stone heavier!!!

We have made 10 different designs and this first set is specifically for Christmas, but if you like them then we will probably introduce some more over the coming weeks.

75mm diameter of the stencil.
45mm diameter image in the middle.
Material: 0.25mm flexible plastic.

Just a couple of examples: