0.75Litre Motta Jug
0.75Litre Motta Jug
CODE: G6101
£ 29.95
Premium Expert Milk Frothing Jug
Motta Jugs are known the world over for their use in  top notch coffee establishments.  Why are Motta Jugs so good?

Well, if you make lots of cappuccinos and lattes then you will appreciate the need to control the milk whilst frothing.  The heavier guage steel allows you longer to texture the milk as it heats up less quickly than the thinner lighter jugs. 

The 'belly' bottom part of the jug allows the milk to swirl much more making both cappuccinos and lattes to texture (more creamy). The formation of micro-froth which is so important for latte art and stencilling cappuccinos is much better.  Big bubbles are the curse of any barista.  Finally the elongated spout allows more control in the pour - this means better latte patterns and better cappuccinos everytime.